Click Pizza - Game.jpg

The aim of the game is very simple: to create the largest pizza production that has ever existed.


1. Click on the big pizza to start the production and store units.


2. After you have accumulated enough units, continue purchasing the first "Cursors" that will immediately start helping you with automatic clicks.


3. Continue in this way by reinvesting the units obtained in increasingly profitable buildings until you have a totally automatic production.



Save: with this function you can save your game manually even the autosaving of the game.


Export Save & Import Save: here you can export and import your savings if you desire keep playing on another device.


Reset: this command allows you to re-start the game without losing your reached goals. You'll restart  with an extra bonus called "Prestige". More pizzas you'll be baking at the Reset moment, greater will be the Prestige.


Wipe Save: clicking on this you'll restart completely from zero.


Setting: little graphic assestment to enable or disable as you like.

Offline Mode: you'll keep using the current versione eventhough the upgrades.


Click Pizza - Statistiche.jpg

General: these will be your general statistics. All pizza units you'll bake, Golden Pizzas you'll click on and the other bonus will be consulted here.


Upgrade unlocked: keeping on the game, some bonus will appear in the building section and you can buy them with your production. Only after purchasing of this bonus they'll start working.


Achievements: these goals will be different from the previous. They won't be  purchased, but unlocked satisfying particular request. What request? You have to find out.